Covid-19 FAQ's

How we're keeping you safe

How has the site been made COVID safe?

We have followed all government guidance and have sanitation and cleaning stations throughout the site as well as floor markings to make social distancing clearer and easier for all customers. We are hoping to make our venue a cashless as possible by introducing a fully online ticketing system. When you attend our reception desks to check in they are all distanced out and have appropriate screens up.

Will Calypso Cove be any different than before?

In order to keep the pool fun and safe for everyone we have reduced the capacity across all 3 of our pools (leisure pool, competition pool & barnacle bay) due to this entry slots will be staggered to every 15 minutes to allow a smaller number people through at a time. Due to covid-19 regulations and a reduction in our capacity, unfortunately we are unable to open eruption or the top diving board at this time in order to adhere to social distancing and to keep customers safe, the rest of the park will remain open. SEN Sessions unfortunately will not be running until we have clear guidance on social distancing capacities. The Hideout poolside restaurant will also remain closed for the time being

How will social distancing in the pool & changing village work?

Due to the reduced capacity we are asking everyone to arrive swim ready with their costumes on under their clothes to reduce the amount of time in the changing village. Unfortunately, no showers will be in use in the changing village due to covid regulations.

Can we just turn up to get in like before?

Due to the staggering of entry into 15-minute slots, all attendance to Calypso Cove must now be pre-booked online. If you do choose to turn up to site without booking a slot, we cannot guarantee you immediate entry and you will be advised to check for the next available slot and make this booking online as we are trying to make the site as much of a cashless venue as possible.

How do we book?

All bookings will be made via the Calypso Cove website where you can choose your 15-minute slot. Slots will be available 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Each slot will allow 90 minutes access to Calypso Cove. We would kindly ask you not to enter the site more than 5-minutes before your entry slot.

I have a Planet Radio voucher; can I still use this?

If your voucher was valid until 30th June 2020 then you will have received an online discounted code emailed to you from Planet Radio you can use this discount code to book a family ticket in any of the 15 minute slots.
If you did not receive the code or your voucher expired in March 2020 then please email and we will assist you further with this.

Will other Facilities on site still be open?

The Rigby restaurant & lounge will still be open, and you are able to book food packages for this when purchasing your tickets to speed up the waiting and to keep the venue as cashless as possible.
For information on the gym opening times and policies please visit:
For swimming lesson queries and policies please visit:
Unfortunately, Metrodome Bowling will remain closed for now.